Infant Childcare

Room Description

Be sure to mark all your baby’s things. The center provides a wide range of toys and equipment. You are welcome to provide items from home to be kept in your baby’s bed.

  • Parents provide disposable diapers, wipes, and you choose to use what the center supplies.
  • Note the type of formula on the appropriate form and advise us, in writing, of any changes in formula or diet.
  • Finger foods, changes in diet and snacks will be discussed with parents. Feed instructions from parents need to be in writing.
  • Opened, partially used jars of food and bottles of prepared formula and milk left at the center at the end of the day must be discarded according to the Revised Code. Parents are encouraged to take it home.
  • An information sheet will be kept daily on each infant. Parents may take the sheet home at the end of the day.
  • Diapers are changed in strict adherence to the Revised Code 5105:2-12-69. Soiled linen is changed immediately. Clean diapers and change of clothing for each child are kept in the child’s own container. Caregivers hands are washed with soap and water after each diaper change. Babies are changed as needed.
  • Each infant needs TWO changes of clothes at the center at all times. Please be sure to restock as needed.
  • While awake, babies are removed from their cribs to play. Activities are age appropriate.
  • We know the babies are difficult to resist, but we must ask that NO ONE pick up an infant other than their own.
  • Suggestions
    • Bring an article of clothing that smells or feels like Mom or Dad (sounds silly, but it works).
    • Bring in a favorite stuffed animal, blanket, and pacifier.

Our Infant Room is a happy, protected place. The teachers give the infants their attention. We play, sing, dance, rock, read, talk and cuddle “our babies.” We rotate and vary toys. Our approach is with strong emphasis on verbal skills.


My name is Lisa. I am the lead teacher in the infant room. I have been a teacher at LCCC for 10 years this September. I work in the infant one room.

My family and I live in Lakewood. I have a 2 year old son who is currently in the younger toddler room at LCCC.

In my spare time, I like spending time with my family, bike riding and crafting. I enjoy working with the teachers in my classroom. I have built a good relationship with the teachers and the parents throughout the center. I love working with the children. Every day is a new adventure.

My name is Tina. I have worked in childcare taking care of infants for 20 years. I have spent 15 of those years here at LCCC.

I love being with the babies and teaching them new things. I especially love when they master a new skill all on their own. It’s very important to me to instill good values in the children that I care for, even at this young age, and I do so by watching and listening and talking to them and showing them the way.

I received my CDA certificate in ECE in 2003, and have continued to take in-service trainings throughout the years.

In my spare time, I enjoy taking walks with my family. I enjoy a good novel, as well. I am very excited about our home we just purchased in Brook Park. That will surely be keeping us busy!

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