The curriculum throughout the center is play-based, developmentally appropriate and based on the children’s needs, interests and ideas. All curriculum is success oriented and includes:

  • readiness activities in reading, math, science and social studies helps prepare our children for kindergarten
  • creative activities add wonder and joy while encouraging language, expression, movement and autonomy
  • small group activities reduce stress, reduce competition, individualize concepts, prevent boredom and repetition, and give children the time to explore and soar!

Guests and field trips with education merit will be planned throughout the year to add to and expand our curriculum.


When one of “our” children is developmentally ready to move to the next room, our lead teacher will talk with the Parents and set a date for the to begin visitation and set a date for his/her orientation into his/her new classroom. Before a child changes rooms, parents will be informed in writing of the center’s transitional activities. The child will spend time in the “new classroom” getting to know the teachers, children and procedures. A schedule of times for visiting will be announce in the formal orientation letter. Parents are welcome to orientate into the center or new classroom with their child. You may stay an hour or all day, or anywhere in between. We want this to be an easy transition for both you and your child.

Most children are ready, comfortable and excited to move to the next class. Special difficulties, questions and concerns will be discussed by the parents, teachers and administrator.

Field Trips

As part of the curriculum at LCCC, we do like to take the children on field trips within walking distance. Each child will be assigned to a staff member while on field trips. That staff member will be responsible for that child while on field trips. Children will wear a shirt with the center’s name, address and phone number.

A copy of the daily attendance sheet and sign out sheet will be taken on all field trip. Attendance will be taken prior to leaving LCCC and upon arrival. In addition, attendance will once again be taken before departing and arrival back at LCCC.

Children must have the field trip form filled out by the custodial parent or guardian in order to participate on a field trip.

Meals and Snacks

Lakewood Community Care Center is a member of the Child & Adult Care Food Program. Your child will be served breakfast, lunch and p.m. snack. If you choose to pack child’s lunch, just let us know. Infant formula and food are also provided, unless you choose otherwise.

Meals and snacks are relaxed and pleasant. Mealtime is also a learning time. The children are encouraged to cooperate, to use good manners and to try new foods. The boys and girls develop skills and autonomy by serving themselves and by being responsible for their eating area at the table. We say a simple non-denominational blessing.

  • Breakfast, Lunch and a Snack are provided by the daycare center through the Child & Adult Care Food Program: this includes infant formula and baby food.
  • We provide bibs, silverware, dishes, cups and glasses. Many items are disposable, if not they are washed, sanitized and receive a clear rinse after each use. Foods will be refrigerated appropriately and a microwave is available for warming. Sugar is kept to a minimum.
  • The center will provide age appropriate milk (whole milk for children 2 and under, and 1% for children 2 and above) and is always able to provide a nutritious well-balanced meal for all children in attendance.
  • Remember to discuss ALLERGIES with your child’s teacher. Allergies should be listed on the child’s medical form and posted in the classroom.

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