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AppleNutritious Meals

We are a member of the Federal Food Service Program. This ensures that your child is being offered nutritionally balanced meals each and every day. Our breakfast and snack contains at least two of the 4 major food groups. Our lunches our catered in and contain all four major food groups. We serve milk with breakfast and lunch, daily. We serve our children portions that are guided by the U.S.D.A. Standards. We keep our sweets to a minimum. You are welcome to bring in a treat for your child’s birthday to share with the class.

BlackboardEducation Plans Set to Age Level

We pride ourselves on our staff guiding our children through their daily activities using developmentally appropriate practices. We match each child’s goals with their individual developmental level in each and every area of learning.

Paint SetCreative Arts and Crafts

We encourage our children to explore many avenues of creativity. Painting alone offers so many creative choices. Here are a few examples. Painting with…marbles, fruit, fingers, feet, water and sponges are just a few of the many sensory materials that we offer for our children to create their masterpieces. We also incorporate many unconventional art materials. While out on our nature walks, we gather all sorts of materials for our art projects. They include, but are not limited to, nuts, berries, twigs and seeds. Children enjoy creating nature collages.

Our children’s art projects are their own, not the teachers. So, when their turtle has three eyes and eight feet, you will know this is straight from their imagination!

BooksQuite Time Homework/Books

We offer many opportunities throughout the day for our children to enjoy and learn through literature. Each of our classrooms have a book nook for our children to “chill out” and relax with a book. We also offer literacy teaching through word recognition by having your child’s name on their lunch table and cubicle as well as items labeled throughout the classroom, using Spanish as well as English.

We do encourage our school-agers to work on their homework with the assistance of the teacher, when needed. This teaches them time management as well as freeing up some time to enjoy their evening at home with mom and dad.

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